Who are the “Iwaki’s 12 leaders”? | いわきの12人


Please support us 12 leaders making efforts in Iwaki, Fukushima!

Who are “いわきの12人” (Iwaki’s 12 leaders) ?

Rebuild, rehabilitation, and reconstruction from the disaster!

The East Japan Great Earthquake had brought down the serious damage to a wide range from the north east thorough Kanto area. Besides the damage of Tsunami, Fukushima has the problem of the radiation of the nuclear power plants and its rumor, so we have been suffering from the pains several times more than just a natural disaster.
Fortunately, Iwaki’s radiation level is low and we still have better situation compared to the other places in Fukushima.
In addition, we have a lot of great facilities for sightseeing like “Spa-resort Hawaiians”, Iwaki is gaining the attention to be a flash of hope for the rebuilding of Fukushima.
It is not too much to say that if Iwaki could not to be rebuilt, Fukushima will never be.
There is good news that the “Spa-resort Hawaiians” had completely recovered in February and now that often on the media. Everyone is watching the movement of Iwaki-city!

12 people went into action

It has been almost 1 year.
So many commercial institutions and houses had swept away by tsunami. And the influence of the rumor made the situation for so long like any products had not been sold only because it is “made in Fukushima”.
There 12 people have also had pain such as the experiences that one had to rent a space from the other factory to make his own product, had to reconstruct their machines all over again or the whole commercial complex had swept away and had anywhere to start own little shop with. But now they are together here with the enthusiasm, to create new product of Iwaki

To be the symbol of rebuilding of, beloved Iwaki-City

This HP is to support these 12 people who had gat together here.
All the staffs in Iwaki and Tokyo will cooperate to plan and manage the marketing of special product of Iwaki.
Up to now, we rent the space from Tsukiji market “Midori-no Machete”, and local event to sell our products.
We will start the internet sales as soon as the system gets ready.
At this moment we are 12, but as this number of the passionate people will increase to 13, and 14, Iwaki-City can reach to the great recovery