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Please support us 12 leaders making efforts in Iwaki, Fukushima!


About 12 leaders

12 peoples who LOVE Iwaki… They each have a story with the disaster. They might have things that are not yet ready to be spoken out of their mouse, though we would like to introduce these 12 leaders walking toward the recovery.


Mr. Takagi

Mr. Takagi looks for the delicious tea leafs and sweets by him self from everywhere in Japan. And his collections heal the heart and body in Iwaki’s popular tea shop!


Mr. Munakata

Mr. Munakata is a manager of a Japanese-style hotel. He has a warm heart like the Yumoto hot spring which he offers there.


Mr. Sakamoto

Mr. Sakamoto is a professional engineer of automobiles and also a passionate member of local fire brigade of Iwaki-City.


Mr. Hisa

“I’ll only use fishes of Iwaki!” Mr. Hisa have been desired and tried to make his dried fish product with the fishes of Iwaki.


Mrs. Manda

Mrs. Manda had evacuated from Naraha-machi, Futaba-gun to Iwaki-City.
She is a flower designer, just like a dignified and blooming flower in Iwaki.


Mrs. Akimoto

Mrs. Akimoto is the third proprietress-to-be of “Akimoto Pickles shop”. They have kept the traditional tastes, and you can buy them at our event.


Mr. Ono

Mr. Ono is a head manager of Kamaboko factory in Usuiso. His factory and house are both drown by tsunami, but he finally got ready to restart!


Mr. Ando

Mr. Ando had trained in Germany and now offers his special German sweets in Iwaki.


Mr. Hiruta

Mr. Hiruta works in a strawberry farm with fresh strawberry and rich nature, in a deep in a mountain of Iwaki.


Mr. Sakuyama

Mr. Sakuyama owns the restaurant and earnestly sends the “truly good taste” of Iwaki to all over Japan with gratitude.


Mr. Ito

You should enjoy Mr. Ito’s special line ups of alcohol drinks with his great knowledge!


Mr. Takahashi

Mr. Takahashi is a photo journalist who has a calm, but strong affection to Iwaki.